Chapter Summary

The Judgment

God’s judgment is described in the Gospels and Revelation (Rev) of the Bible as God’s terrible punishment which will come on mankind like the flood (Matthew 24:37-41; Rev 14:14-20). There is no talk of grace and mercy, but of hell and eternal damnation of the faithless (Mark 16:16; Rev 21:8), and of God’s revenge. Jehovah’s Witnesses, however, claim that God’s judgment is not a time of terror, but a time of hope and forgiveness of sins. On the other hand, however, they announce the destruction of the corrupt world for the near future (Armageddon). Only Jehovah’s Witnesses, the representatives of the only true faith, would survive this day of wrath. Belief in hell, they consider to be an invention of false religion. They consider Yahweh to be a God of love and mercy although Yahweh is presented in the Bible as the opposite: as a God of wrath, revenge and merciless punishment.